Saint-Tropez ... For Ever

Saint-Tropez ... For Ever



Going to St Tropez in summer is a fantastic experience of people watching, luxury brands searching, yachts display and more. We all love that! But going to St Tropez at the beginning of the season before the glitterati hit the town is a very special experience.
The streets of the old town are alive with locals. Friendly types, ready to talk about their tradition, food, lifestyle. And for us, the dogs, is so much fun to trot around!
My mum and I stayed at a beautiful hotel called Chateau De La Messardiere. The hotel sits on the hills just outside town in the middle of a beautiful park. A limousine service is in place to take guests in and from St Tropez centre (a short 5 minute drive). We could go for beautiful walks in the park and enjoy the hundreds blooming flowers and plants!
Several rooms at the Messardiere have direct access to the garden, which is an extra comfort for any pet! During our stay I met another Frenchie and 2 Terriers. We could play in the lobby which was great fun!
The staff was very dog-friendly and offered me treats in a couple of occasions. I always had fresh water available to me at the bar and by the pool, although I still do not understand why I got water and mum got champagne!
Anyway they were very attentive to my needs!

Also when we checked in we were given a map of walks and rules for pet’s stay. I was given a bed and two bowls. We thought this was very professional!

Everybody at La Messardiere is used to have dogs as guests and they know how to deal with us. The lady at the hotel boutique gave me lots of cuddles and allowed me to sleep in whilst mum tried some beachwear on. I also slept at the hotel hairdresser whilst waiting for mum. The girl here was lovely!

If not in town we used to have lunch by the pool. The outside restaurant offers many delicious gourmandises, but the best of the best is their truffle pizzetta!

The real gourmets amongst us can dine at the hotel gastronomic restaurant, L’Acacia, where dogs are not allowed, but if you are a well-behaved dog, you have a chance! I personally used my charm and a papillon collar, that was impossible to resist!

My favorite time was breakfast on the terrace! The view is amazing, stretching to the sea and the bay, the air is fresh with a scent of fresh fruits, croissants and coffee, cheese, salmon...what else could we ask for?

We really enjoyed our stay at La Messardiere!


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